Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Project: Watching Time Fly

Time is fun when you are having flies.
--Kermit the Frog

Yikes! What happened to my weekend? I was going to weave two more kitchen towels and make the Sis Boom Baby Bubble outfit for my vet's little girl.

I did buy the fabric for the baby outfit. Actually, I bought enough fabric for two outfits... What can I say? I couldn't resist! The bubble is reversible, so there are 2 fabrics for each one:

Remember that her Mom is a vet, so an animal print was almost a requirement! ;)

Well, Oliver has his next appointment (more shots, poor baby!) on Friday, so I'm going to try to get these made before then.

Speaking of Oliver...

Parting shot: I think Sammy may be warming up to him. ;)


gwensews said...

I love Kermit's quote. Isn't it the truth? I had a little dog--a Yorkie, weighing 3 pounds. The cat would be laying on the floor, and the dog would grab her collar in his teeth, and drag her about. She weighed 15 pounds. She would just lay there, while he moved her around the room! They are so funny! Make some cute little kid's clothes!

Julie said...

Love the cat cuddling photo! When I brought home a younger cat, the older cat was NOT pleased and still isn't...18 months later. I did catch them snuggling on the couch one time but it only lasted for 5 minutes. The older cat got annoyed and left. Talk about holding a grudge.

Julia said...

Love those fabrics!!! Oliver looks to be satisfied with life in general!

Summerset said...

Very cute fabrics and such a cute snuggly picture.

SunnyQ said...

AWWWWWW!!! That's the fastest feline acclimation I've ever heard of!!! HOW SWEET!!!

oh and cute fabric too!! :-)

meredithp said...

Very cute kitty photo. Kittens have a way of winning everyone over. I hope those are just routine shots?

Love those fabric combos! You are very generous to your vet. All we do is put his/her kids through college :-)