Thursday, December 31, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to
Cindy, CarlaF, Mamafitz, Elaina, Gwen, Summerset, Uta and Patsijean for talking back to my confession a couple of weeks ago!

I asked if people felt that they had good spatial skills and if spatial skills are important for sewing. Everyone agreed that spatial skills are important for sewing. In fact, people called out two distinct spatially-related skills that they use in their sewing:

1. Being able to visually "translate" back and forth between 2D pattern pieces and 3D garments. For example, seeing a beautiful outfit and knowing what pattern pieces you would need to create that outfit.

2. Being able to figure out the sequence of steps necessary to put together a garment from a bunch of pattern pieces. And not just figuring out the standard steps - Summerset, for example, likes the challenge of figuring out alternative processes.

It seems like most everyone also agreed that these skills could be learned (or at least improved) with practice and experience. (That's good to know!)

As for their own innate spatial abilities, people were a little more spread on that question, with some reporting strong skills and others falling into the "ah, not so much..." category.

Elaina and Uta called out some other important skills for sewing - logic, imagination, perserverance, patience and fine motor skills.

Special thanks to Patsijean for pointing me to Kathleen Fasanella, who periodically posts pattern puzzles on her website, Fashion Incubator. The vintage German pattern pictured above is from a recent puzzle that she posted (here) - the goal, figure out what the dress looks like! You can search her site for all of her pattern puzzles - they seem challenging and fun to me!

Oh, and everyone who guessed that "A" was the answer to the puzzle on that post - congratulations! The website that I took that puzzle from said that 3D puzzles like that one are especially difficult for people. Looks like sewing helps us more than we realize! ;)

Wishing each of you a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve celebration and a joyous, healthy 2010!


julia said...

Oo...oo....oooo.... I love puzzles!!! I missed your post about spatial awareness because I was traveling, but I'm so glad I checked in today. I definitely think that without spatial awareness I would not be able to sew!!! Ever since I was a little bitty girl I have loved puzzles and figuring out how things fit together. Sometimes I think I should have been an engineer designing bridges, etc... I have bookmarked the site your refer to in your post. I am looking forward to checking out her pattern puzzles. Thanks.

Kathleen said...

You said: "my confession a couple of weeks ago!" but which entry was this specifically? Being interested in all things spatial, I'd like to read it.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant to respond to your confession darn it. I suck at spatial awareness, but love puzzles. So that either means I am Don Quixote or I am just not good at puzzles. Thanks for your confessions. I love these posts.