Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sew, Mama, Sew: Holiday Give-Away!

A beautiful fabric catches your eye and steals your heart – you must have some! But, you don't have a pattern with you - how much should you buy?

These sturdy plastic reference cards – the perfect size to slip into your purse – summarize the fabric requirements of thousands of patterns with tables and images to help you buy just the right amount.

There are tables showing the minimum, average and maximum fabric requirements for dresses, tops, skirts, pants and jackets – broken down by garment size and fabric width.

The cards also include sketches that illustrate minimum, average and maximum garments, and “safety margin” tables to guide you in “rounding up” to be as safe as you want, without wastefully overbuying.

American and metric versions are available, in women’s sizes 6-22 (m: 32-48).

We will be having 2 drawings - one to give away a US version of the card set and one for a metric version.

To participate: Go to our store website (here) and leave a comment via the Contact page. Give your name and say whether you would like to be included in the drawing for the US set or the metric set.

Please note that leaving a comment on this post will NOT enter you in the give-away drawing.

The give-away is open through midnight (EST), December 6th. The winners will be randomly selected from among the commenters. Of course, we WILL ship internationally.

Good luck to everyone! Make sure you check out all the other wonderful give-aways on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog!


Gwen said...

NOTE: Leaving a comment on this blog post does NOT enter you into the drawing.

Please go to and leave a comment via the CONTACT page to be entered.

Please give your name and say whether you want to be entered in the drawing for the US set or the drawing for the metric set.

Thank you and good luck!

Zep said...

I hope I'm bringing you some sales. I talk about your product in my cutting class while I teach sizing. I've had several people who said they wanted the cards and what a great idea you have. I think they're right. I love my cards! THANKS!

Unknown said...

I bought these about a month ago - haven't been shopping with them yet, but they sure seem like a good idea!