Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

The January 2010 issue of Burda World of Fashion produced a pattern that jumped to the top of my queue - this blue, pinstriped business blouse:
I was particularly drawn to the front "dickey" and how they rotated the pinstripes 90 degrees on that pattern piece. I also like the collar. I'm not so sure about the cuffs, but we'll see how they go. :)

So, it's a bit of a creative stretch, but I thought I'd make this pattern up in a - brace yourself - PINK pinstripe...

I know, I know... Not everyone can make that dramatic fashion leap from blue pinstripe cotton fabric to pink pinstripe cotton fabric... But I've been doing this sewing thing for several years now. ;)

This is the fabric that I bought last May, and I've been waiting for the right pattern to come along. I'm so happy that it finally did!

I'm currently up to my eyebrows in Christmas weaving (yes, I know that Christmas was last week), so who knows when I'll get around to this shirt. But I will get to it! Don't worry, it's in the queue... :)


Julia said...

I can see that shirt in pink very easily. I love it.

gwensews said...

I think that shirt will be fab in pink. With a gray skirt maybe--awesome!

meredithp said...

Thumbs up on the pink pinstripe tailored shirt. See...the juxtaposition of the man tailored shirt with the feminine pink...see we can all make that leap. :-)

Wish I had some pink pinstripe. I love making tailored shirts, but right now, I'm larger than I want to be in a woven :-) Perhaps, he's larger too, although a shirt for him would fit if he were smaller. Perhaps tailored shirts for the cats...How is cousin Oliver BTW?

Faye Lewis said...

That will be beautiful!