Thursday, December 17, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Carla, Gwen, Julia, Julie, Cindy, Elaina, Faye, Uta, Ellen, Karin, SunnyQ, Gaylen, Mamafitz, Lois, Becky and Sarah for talking back to my confession last Friday!

I asked if people sewed everything – garments, quilts and crafts – or mostly restricted themselves to one category.

The majority of commenters focus primarily on sewing garments. Cindy was able to take this even further, by reporting that the vast majority of her students want to learn how to sew clothes.

Many people added fabric bags to the “garment” category – to accessorize their clothes, of course!

As for quilts – many people commented on appreciating their beauty and the work that goes into them, but a lot of those folks also said that they didn’t have the patience to sew full-size quilts. Julia noted something that also struck me during my tentative forays into quilting – how incredibly precise you have to be! And a couple of other people mentioned how fun it is to show off clothes versus how rarely you get to show off a quilt. Of course, there are always two sides to every story. Mamafitz, for example, finds quilting relaxing in a zen-like way.

No one reported focusing exclusively on craft sewing, but several people commented that it is fun for a change of pace – especially when you have been tackling a time-consuming garment project with challenging fit issues. Crafts (typically) don’t have to fit! ;)

Turns out I missed a category in my question – home décor. Half a dozen people mentioned sewing for their homes. No one really raved about how much fun it is – if anything, the theme seemed to be that you practically had to do it, because you can get exactly what you want for so much cheaper than store-bought.

Finally, a few people explicitly called out doing it all – some enjoying every type of sewing at the same time, and others, like Gwen, being somewhat serially monogamistic about it – she was heavily into quilting for years, and now is heavily into garment sewing. And some others, like Faye, left open the possibility of moving into other areas in the future, even though for now she prefers to exclusively sew clothes.

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to record their thoughts! I love reading about your sewing thoughts and experiences! :)

Photo credit: House of Sims


julia said...

I love that you do this kind of post. It is very interesting to read about what others are doing in this way. Thanks. I always look forward to Friday.