Thursday, November 6, 2008

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Amelia, Lisa Laree, Lindsay T, Miss Linda, Claire, Summerset, Caity, Nancy W, Sarah and Mamafitz for "talking back" to my confession last Friday!

I confessed that I don't use many different seam treatments - mostly just regular seams and French seams.

It turns out that almost everyone uses some type of special seam treatment once in a while. What was the most popular? Well, here is how it fell out:
  • French seams was the most commonly mentioned treatment and people reported using them with silks, organza and other sheer fabrics.
  • Hong Kong seams (like the one pictured above) were second and are commonly used when the seams will show (as in an unlined jacket) and/or when the fabric is likely to unravel.
  • Flat felled seams (particularly for shorts, men's shirts and theater costumes that have to be really strong) and serged seams (especially for knits and children's clothes) were tied for third.
  • A couple of people mentioned using pinking shears to finish plain seams.
  • Finally, rolled/whipped seams and turned/edgestitched seams got one "vote" each. ;)
I can see that I'm going to have to work on expanding my repertoire of seam finishes! And I found the information on WHEN to use the various treatments really helpful! :)
By the way, Nancy W has a wonderful photo tutorial on the Hong Kong seam finish! Other tutorials that I know about can be found at BurdaStyle and Laura's Sewing Room.
Thanks again everyone for taking the time to say Hi! and write about your seam treatments! :)


Joanne said...

As I stop in at your blog, I'm amazed at the intricacies that go into sewing. It's really an art form, isn't it?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for showing me a Hong Kong seam....
And I have to say, it took graet effort on my part to not read the entire wedding dress saga in one night... I had homework! What a lovely story!

I deleted one comment to not be repetitive... I wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog! I Will indeed get to wear my scarf. I am in school in Kentucky.