Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Project: The First Cut is the Deepest

The joy that isn't shared dies young.
Anne Sexton

Teaching sewing... Keeping this blog... Oh! Now it all makes sense. Thanks, Ms. Sexton! ;)

As you probably know, our current sewing project is this Burda shirt pattern, which Ana and Juana are making for their boyfriends:

Ana really liked the greens shown on the model and selected this pair of cotton fabrics for her boyfriend's shirt:

The solid green (on the right) will be the main fabric and the other green will be the accent fabric. (I did confirm that Ana knows what the text says before she bought it.) I imagine that the text will make it kind of young, fun and contemporary - you think?

Juana wanted something a bit more traditional, and selected only one fabric, this cotton pinstripe:

We spent this afternoon cutting out the pieces. There are A LOT of pieces - 10 altogether - many of which are to be cut out of both fabrics. One example is the sleeve pattern - you cut two complete sets of sleeves, one in each fabric. I don't think it's fully reversible, and so I think it's going to be overkill for Juana, as she is only using one fabric. Oh well...

It took 2.5 hours, but we got everything cut out, including the interfacing, and we also got the interfacing applied. So we'll be ready to sew the next time we get together!

As for my slowly growing Spanish skills, I'm afraid I was a little bit out of it today during our lesson - I had just returned home from a business trip on Saturday evening, and I was (and am still) feeling tired. Ana kept asking me the same question over and over again, and I couldn't figure out why. I thought she was asking if I sing (cante) and I kept answering that I like it, but can't (me gusto, pero no puedo). Turns out, she was asking if I was tired (cansado)... I guess, if you ask someone if she is tired and she answers "I like it, but I can't", then that means the answer is "yes"! ;)