Thursday, July 10, 2008

Talk Back Thursday

Thanks to Shannon, Claudine, Claire and Kathy for "talking back" to last week's Friday Confession! I confessed to an accidental oversized purchase of fiberfill.

It turns out that I am not the only person who periodically buys in mass quantities - Shannon has a funny shoe story, Claudine has had similar experiences when ordering groceries online and Claire made a similar miscalculation with an entertainment center!

Their stories are definitely worth reading, so I encourage you to check them out here.

In other news, Ana and I picked up their new sewing machines last night! (Juana had to work.) It was really exciting! One funny thing happened after we got back to her house. While I was attaching the cords and plugging it in, Ana was threading the machine. She easily threaded the needle by hand, as we do (multiple times!) each Sunday on my machine.
However, these machines have an "automatic needle threader" feature - a feature that I have never used before. I pointed this out in the instruction manual and we unthreaded the needle and tried to use the automatic needle threader according to the directions.

And tried...

And tried...

Finally, after several frustrating minutes, Ana looked up and said, "No es automatica."

What could I say? She had a point... ;)
We did finally get it worked out, although I suspect that she'll continue to thread the needle by hand. I probably would...
And boy, did that machine purr! It drove home the fact that I really need to take my machine in for a tune-up. I'm not saying that I need to wear ear protection when I use it, but let's just say that I'm lucky OSHA doesn't monitor my sewing room... ;)
Our lessons are going to be so much easier with two machines, plus they can begin to work independently (of me). In fact, the rest of the dress project can be summarized in two main bits - inserting the facings and attaching the skirts. We'll do the facings together on Sunday, and then I think they should be able to attach the skirts and hem them by themselves during the week. :)
Edited to add: They bought Kenmore machines. Thanks, Claire!


Claire said...

I'm so excited for them. Did they end up with Kenmore machines?