Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Confessions


Do you know WHY this project has been in my queue for over a year now? It would only take me about 2 hours to finish it; it would make my husband happy; I love doing things that make my husband happy. So why is it languishing unsewn?

Honestly? It's because I'm just not crazy about the fabric...

How about you? What leads you to work on one project and procrastinate on another?


SunnyQ said...

At first glance, I thought "why is she putting a picture of a shirt she's already made?" - Then I realized I've seen that fabric so many times on your desk that I guess I lumped it in the categories of "things I've seen so they must be complete" :)

Sometimes I feel that the thought of making a muslin first helps me procrastinate because I want instant gratification (hence quilts and diaper bags). ;) I'm working on not needing instant gratification though, so hopefully I'll start enjoying muslins! :)

Becky said...

It depends for me. Sometimes I have an idea in my head that just won't let go until I put it into fabric. Sometimes I'm just really inspired by a piece of fabric, or a pattern, and *have* to work on it. Sometimes it's the fear of deadlines-- something I might not necessarily be inspired to work on, but I have to keep plugging at it because I need it at a certain time (for instance, my winter coat last year, which I needed before it got cold.) Things I tend to procrastinate on tend to be things that bore me. Like the denim blanket on my bed that literally took 10 years because I got so bored sewing squares together that I put it away for a really long time. Or that jewelry organizer I've been meaning to make for years, but just can't motivate myself to do, and so my necklaces continue to sit in a tangled mess.

Claire said...

Hmmm.... I have to admit that I procrastinate on everything!!!

My biggest procrastinators are making muslins and if a technique is new and confusing.

I do think that lighthouse fabric is cute, and if I were less of a procrastinator and a better seamstress, I'd make the shirt for you.

Summerset said...

Um, it depends on if I'm in the mood to work on the project or not. Sometimes I just don't feel like it because of the technique, fabric or whatever (especially if I didn't pick the fabric!), but once I talk myself into working on it and get started it is not so bad. I also find that I work better under pressure - a deadline is a good thing. If I don't have a deadline, I sort of work on whatever hits me.