Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Project: Seeing Triple

The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams and memories.
~ Anonymous

Well, I finished my first "project" from the One-Yard Wonders book - matching tops and skirts for the 3 baby girls that are in the process of arriving in the families of the people in my work group.  The one who has already made her appearance is Adalyn, who is about 5 months old.  Evie and Lena are due this spring.  I made the smallest size in the book - 2T - so it may be a while before we see these modeled!  ;)

The skirt was super simple - no pattern pieces needed - just the dimensions of 2 rectangles.  One rectangle (cut 2) makes the front and the back of the skirt.  The other rectangle (cut 1) makes the waist band.  The skirt is pleated and has an elastic waist.  

The lined tops - which I showed a bit of last weekend - came out to be adorable!  Here is the complete outfit (for Adalyn) from the front:  

And the back - with big, green buttons!  :)

And here is Evie's outfit from the front.  (Evie's Mom - who, despite what I am about to tell you is a very good friend - doesn't like pink!)  

And from the back with matching blue buttons:  

And finally Lena's outfit from the front:

One feature that I really like about the top pattern is how the ruffles are only along the sides.  It just seems like a slightly unusual and nice details - rather than having ruffles all the way around...  

I couldn't find matching pink buttons, but I found a translucent orange button that fits within the whole color scheme.  :)

Are these cute, or what?  :)

And they were so much fun to sew...  

Which leads to the question that has been plaguing me lately:   What am I doing participating in a project focused on historic haute couture, when I am so clearly a bright-cotton-print-sundress kind of a person?  Yikes!  

Oh well...  I guess I should think of it as a "stretch goal" instead of as taking on something that is a mismatch for me, right?  Maybe by next weekend I'll be able to show you my first Vintage 1912 assignment.  

In the meantime, I hope you had a wonderful sewing weekend and are ready for a new week!  :)


gwensews said...

Cute little outfits! One of the advantages of sewing for children is--they will eventually grow into their clothes!

Anonymous said...

These are adorable. Nice job.

Linda T said...

Those outfits are fabulous! They will be the best dressed toddlers in town.

You could try to add a bit of color to 1912. But the early 1900's were so much about lines and tailoring and ornamentation, less about color. It should be a very interesting and challenging.

Linda T

Anonymous said...

the little clothes are really beautifull and for me is casi like perfecta. yes the buttons are cute and is very important that you enjoy it when you did it

Tee said...

Just adorable!