Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend Project: Giving Away Sewing Books

Thank you for all the kind words about my blog and reaching 800 posts!  

I split the commenters into 2 piles - those who were interested in the PR 1,000 Tips book and those who were interested in the BurdaStyle book.  

If you said "both" then I put you in the PR 1,000 Tips group, because there were fewer people in that pile and so I figured it gave you better odds.  ;)

(I'm guessing that fewer people called out the PR book just because it's been out longer, and so more people already have it.)  

Then I randomly drew one name from each pile.  And the winners are:

PR 1,000 Tips



Shoot me an email,, with your address and I'll get your books in the mail ASAP.  :)

I wish I could send books to everyone...  March 11th will be my 4 year blog-i-versary, and I'll have another give-away to celebrate that.  :)


Unknown said...

How exciting is this? Thanks for the give away and I am so looking forward to finding some new tips.

Gwen your a pal:)