Thursday, January 12, 2012

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Elaina, Lynne, Mary, Carla, Linda, Marie and Patsijean for talking back to my confession last week.  I confessed that I hadn't done a year-end review of my sewing in 2011, nor had I made any sewing-related resolutions for 2012.  Those things were feeling stressful to me, and I asked if others participate in these traditions.  

On the surface, we got the usual variety of responses - some saying "yes" and some saying "no".  But, looking a little deeper, I think that a powerful, common theme emerged.  

First, the influence of the internet:  Several people reported that they did at least some wrap-up and new year planning, in large part due to reading other sewing blogs and/or working on their own blogs.  

Second, no one thought that hobbies should be stressful - but they ARE about learning and growing and stretching and excelling...  So, while some people said "No" to setting traditional resolutions for their sewing - like "producing x garments per month" or "sewing for y time every day" - many people are feeling inspired and striving to improve in some way.  

For example, Elaina is hoping to do more sewing in 2012 than she was able to do in 2011.  Carla is continuing her longtime quest to learn how to alter patterns for the perfect fit.  Linda is planning to focus on finishing many of her UFOs (and 'PIGS' ??  That's a new one to me...).  Last year, Marie tried to use more fabric than she bought.  And Patsijean is really excited about her plan to do a SWAP this year.  In fact, she has already planned the projects, shopped her stash for the fabric (with one exception - the beautiful spoonflower print pictured above), and started the first jacket!  

So, what's the theme?  Well, when it comes to our sewing, it isn't about making a list of "shoulds" and feeling guilty when we can't keep them.  It's about being inspired and excited and passionate.  :)

Apparently the idea has been around for a while.  Lynne provided the most beautiful and powerful quote to summarize this - by Aristotle!

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."  

So, I guess I WILL set a "resolution" for 2012.  I will try to live by Lynne's motto and follow Aristotle's advice...  :)

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to leave a comment!  Here's wishing a wonderful sewing year for all of us!  :)


Unknown said...

hey Gwen, I just started working out to a Jillian Michael's DVD and she reminds us that it's not about being perfect but about bringing your best effort to all endeavors and this really resonates with me as well. When we bring our A game and enjoy it, that does indeed create "perfection"

Anonymous said...

PIGS - Projects In Grocery Sacks.

I read it somewhere and thought it was so appropo to all the unfinished projects hanging out in my Studio.

Linda T

Jen said...

Ooh, may I borrow this quote? I love it. Just found your blog and looking forward to having a good old read through it.

Happy new year!