Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Confession

So, today's topic is not just a fun question - it's a real confession.  I have got a tool in my sewing room that I have never used.  :(

It is the complete set of Creative Feet.  I got them last year at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo when it was in Lakeland, Florida.  

I keep meaning to try them out, but I haven't done it yet.  I hate buying things and then not using them.  

How about you?  Is there anything in your sewing room that you don't use?  How do you make sure that you only buy things that you use?  


BConky said...

I have many things I have not tried. My problem is my time doesn't equal my imagination's time. But hopefully some day I will use them or give them to someone who will.

katherine h said...

Yes, I bought a fagoting foot and then found out that my sewing machine model doesn't have a fagoting stitch. I have a ribbon foot that I have not used. Possibly a piping foot too.

Tailors chalk - I keep buying it in different forms thinking that I will take up proper marking one day, but never use it.

A more expensive mistake is the Wild Ginger Pattern making software. I don't like their basic drafts so I never use it.

Pressing cloths...don't use those either, because I like to see what I am pressing and managing that extra layer is a little unwieldy for me.

I guess a lot of the unused are tools that have been recommended by sewing articles to improve the quality of sewing, but I never master using them enough to be don't use them at all.

Alison said...

I have those exact feet & don't recall ever using them. However, I'm a bit of a s/m foot collector so they're probably not the only ones I've never used. Sad but true.

Oh & my overlocker (serger) attachments! I have the elastic one, the gathering one & the piping one. Still in the box.

VernonFashionStudio said...

I had a Clover needler threader on the shelf for a couple years and never used it. Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics told her blog readers about how she had gotten one and that spurred me to try mine out. It is great!

She who dies with the most sewing notions...wins!

I buy them all and use most of them.
Linda T

debbie said...

When I bought my coverstitch I bought every foot available for the machine. They in total cost more than the machine. I've used one in 3 years!

My new serger came with 9 extra feet. I've never changed the foot or tried any of the others.

I keep saying I'm going to at least try to use the binder for the coverstitch but I hate the thought of giving up sewing time to learn to use it!

Shannon said...

My machine came with a bunch of feet that I've never used. I tend to try new techniques with the tools I'm used to unless I absolutely need to.

gwensews said...

Oh yes, count me among those who buy but don't try! I do use a lot of machine feet, so those purchases have paid off. But there are a lot of gadgets that I've bought but never used. Impulse buying can be costly!

Sew Ducky said...

Feet, patterns, attachments, name it I have it.

I don't feel too bad, because you know, one day I *might* need them.