Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cool Chart Tuesday

Have you ever wondered what sewing-related careers are like? I found some interesting information on the website PayScale about these 2 careers - Seamstress and Fashion Designer - and made you a couple of cool charts.

Before you look at the charts, why don't you do some guessing?

Try to answer for each career - seamstress and fashion designer:

1. What % of the employees are women and what % are men?

2. What do you think the approximate hourly wage is?

3. If the hourly wage depends on the industry hiring this person, which industry probably pays the highest? the lowest?

4. What benefits do people get? Paid vacations? 401K? Health insurance? Flex-time?

Okay, now see how you did:

How did you do? Were there any surprises in these data for you? Anyone going to be turning in their 2-week notice tomorrow? ;)


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and just about what I expected. The most interesting stats I saw the years of experience. Fashion Designers are not in it for the long term and I wonder why. And I wonder what they do after they leave the job.