Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Boat and A Lake: Jumping in the Deep End Part 3

We just returned from our summer vacation - spending almost a week (6 days / 5 nights) exploring Lake Powell (Arizona & Utah) on a houseboat. While we have visited this part of the country before (and we love it!), it was our first experience on the lake and our first time in a houseboat. Each day this week I'll show you pictures from our trip - grouped into themes.

Today's theme: Kayaking the Channels

Most people seem to enjoy Lake Powell at high speed - the main waterway and bays were full of motor boats and jet skis. But we rented a kayak and did a lot of paddling in the narrow channels - and we typically had those areas all to ourselves!

Prepare yourself for a number of pictures of my back - taken by my husband during those kayaking excursions:

We believe that the white layer of rock running horizontally along the cliffs is the high water mark. According to our shuttle driver (and who would know better?) the water level in the lake is currently the highest it has been for the last 10 years.

Sometimes the channels narrowed and the cliff walls towered over us, providing much appreciated shade.

Note that my husband requested that I stop paddling when he took pictures - most of the time I was paddling! Honest!

Oooh - the picture above shows extra human interest - my husband's toes! ;)

At the end of each voyage, we'd drag kayak up onto the rocks and go for a hike.

And that brings me to tomorrow's theme - our hikes. :)