Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cool Chart Tuesday

Today's topic is fabric, and I have 2 cool charts for you. :)

This first one is courtesy of the Colette Patterns website. It gives you a nice visual representation on how different types of fabric compare in terms of their weight and their drape. This is really useful when you are trying to decide what type of fabric to use for a particular pattern. :)

The next chart (actually a series of tables) show the fabric care symbols as published by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (from this website).

I remember that, when I was young, fabric stores used to give you a tag or slip of paper that had similar symbols on it, telling you how to care for the fabric that you just purchased. Does anyone else remember that? Do any stores still do this?


gwensews said...

Hummmm. There is a vague image in my mind about getting "how to care for" slips. It was so long ago. I also remember when department stores carried fabric. Also a long time ago. I don't know all the care symbols, so I will go to the site you mentioned and save them for future reference.

katherine h said...

A couple of years ago, in a store in Melbourne, my fabric receipt was printed out with the care details for each fabric. I was very impressed at the time. It is also good for those of us that stash, and can't quite remember what some of those blends are when we pull them out again.

Unknown said...

thanks for posting these charts Gwen. I will use Collete's fabric chart for my students with actual fabric samples to help them get the "feel"