Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Project: Hidden Complexities

Everything is more complicated than it looks to most people.

-- Frederick Lewis Allen

I haven't been feeling great this last week, so I don't have any sewing of my own to show you, but Ana came over on Saturday and worked on two of the baby gifts that she is making for friends of hers who are new Mamas.

She is using one of the patterns from my stash - the infamous "onesie" that requires TEN pattern pieces!

Both new babies are boys, so she is using soft blue flannel prints, and she is sewing them in parallel. Here is the penguin version, so far:

You may recall from my sewing experience with this pattern that it requires so many pieces because the front is asymmetrical. There is an outer layer and a differently shaped inner layer that will eventually snap to the side seam:

To give you more of an idea of the asymmetries - take a look at the facing:

Here is her Curious George version:

As I was taking pictures of this one, I couldn't get the outer layer to line up correctly. Finally I realized that it was because she had accidentally attached the front piece to the back piece upside-down... (i.e., the back shoulder seam with the front crotch seam.) I'll probably try to rip out those seams for her this week, to save her some time next weekend.

I did put a little bit of time into my weaving this weekend. I am working on my very last (!!!!!) set of Christmas kitchen towels. Each set yields 4 towels and I finished the first towel (weft color: orange) and am ready to start the second towel (weft color: blue).

The white, relatively thick yarn separates the two towels, and will eventually be removed and thrown away.

I also got up on the Internet and ordered Christmas wrapping paper - it not being readily available in local stores for some reason... ;)

I can't wait to finally finish these and pass them out! :)

I hope all of you had great weekends and are ready for the start of a new week! :)


wendy said...

the onesies are adorable. :-) soooo tiny!

the latest towel looks very cheerful and festive. those colors are really nice.

gwensews said...

Isn't it interesting that a onesie has as many or more pieces than an adult garment? But, they will be one of a kind, which is the whole idea. Love that weaving!