Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Confession

The new issue of Threads magazine has two articles on making fabric embellishments. One describes how to make big, bold blossoms from ribbons (above) and the other explains how to make more delicate fabric leaves and bias-tube filigree (below).

So, I'm not very good at making fabric embellishments for my garments. Believe it or not, I've never even made a yo-yo flower... :(

In fact, I'm just in awe of the fabric embellishments that bloggers like Summerset put on their art garments!

How about you? Do you enjoy making fabric embellishments for your garments? Are there specific types of embellishments that you think are the most fun to make? Easiest? Most difficult? Most versatile? How and when do you use fabric embellishments? I am looking forward to reading your stories! :)


gwensews said...

I LOVE this latest issue of Threads. I am all about embellishment. I bought ribbon to make those flowers. I have made some black organdy flower corsages using my embroidery machine-- that I wear on suit jackets. The spring issue of Sew Stylish has some interesting fabric manipulation.

Zepbabe said...

My motto - if you can think it you can make it. You just have to think it. I have used so many different products in my sewing through the years. Being a recycle queen I"m always looking at old thing and thinking of a way to turn it into something new. Some people must have it in them to do things like this. I have some students who come to me with the most creative ideas and want to know how to do it. I have a great mind to put things together easy when someone has an idea I can usually think of several different ways to end up at the same results depending on the desire look. Really the hardest thing I think for most is to figure out how they want to use the fabric/ribbon/zipper/and so many different things in their art.

marysews said...

I barely give myself time to sew, much less embellish anything. I think it's because I'm addicted to the internet. Besides, I avoid hand sewing like the plague.

Faye Lewis said...

I agree, the embellishments shown in Threads are amazing. I'd like to try but probably won't right now.

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

I don't like embellishments for MY garments. Never have. I guess it just doesn't fit my personal "style". I didn't think I'd ever attempt it.

Now, admiring embellishments on designer clothing well..that's another story.

Becky said...

It depends on how you define "embellishment." I've sewn beads on my clothes, I've done some insane things with hand embroidery on a skirt and a top, I recently made a shirt that had a pleated embellishment-type detail, I've used ribbons and other such trims, so if you go by that, then I've done embellishment. But if you define it as adding big flower corsages and the like, then that's not really me. I think the main reason with me is, as you probably know by now, I love fabrics that have great, bold prints and textures, and often I'd rather let the fabric speak for itself. And if I do embellish something, it's because the garment needs it for a specific purpose...usually. Like the beaded top I was thinking of, it's just a little tiny bit of beading to add a little something to an otherwise plain shirt. The pleated top was because I was trying to recycle a "muslin" into something different from the shirt I was testing (and I forgot to add sleeve hem allowances so I had to do something! The embroidery, well, that was just me having very specific geeky things in mind. And that was the hardest. But they still would have been plain, kind of boring garments without them!)

Anonymous said...

I don't add them to my garments, although I have made zipper flowers for gifts.

Aprons now...where would you like to start? Zig Zag roses, yo yos, bows, applique, embroidery, depression lace, kitchen sink?

I don't like them and in a lot of cases so much of it seems crafty to me, which is why I keep them to aprons. Aprons now...I can crap up an apron like nobody's business, and have. Ease is not really a factor, so many of the vintage patterns have ideas that a lot of times I just have to look at them. I don't tend to do the same things on two aprons, so I never have a favorite.

Summerset said...

Thanks for the mention! I love embellishments - and am always trying new ones for my art stuff. Everyday wear doesn't always get an embellishment, but I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve if I want them.

Zoe said...


before you attempt a yoyo check out the yoyo tool. I think it makes things a lot quicker, its by clover.

The Clover Round Basic "Quick" Yo-Yo Maker is the title on my packet.

Also there are lots of flower templates out at the momemnent I tend to make them for hats and scarfs. But more reacently I have been thinking brooche like the lady who has a website at

I think that would make a nice brooch for a dress.

When you are not well a small project can do wonders. I do mine from bed keeping everying togethert in a little tray!