Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Project: Reunited!

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.
-- Tyron Edwards

I have had a wonderful reunion with my sewing room! It had been so long, we barely recognized each other - and yet, within moments, it was like our separation had never happened. ;)

And what brought us together again? The pattern and fabric that I showed you last Wednesday:

It's a pretty straightforward pattern, but there are a few tidbits to pass on. First, the layout. As you can see in this scanned image, the main skirt piece is, in fact, a large rectangle. In addition, you need the equivalent of 4 times the pattern piece of fabric. The pattern layout wants you to create a duplicate pattern piece and line it up with the original.

I've seen this before and I think it's kind of a pain. Once I saw an alternative way to fold the fabric and I use this a lot now. I fold the two cut edges inward to meet in the middle. This gives me two folded edges - double the length of the folded edge that you typically get:

Thus, I was able to cut the piece out twice, each time on a fold. And I didn't have to create a copy of the pattern piece with tracing paper and tape the two pieces together. Neat, huh?

And here are a couple of other notes on the pattern:

1. I found it interesting that the skirt piece that you cut out is the same size, regardless of what size skirt you are making. The panel is adjusted larger or smaller by the size of the pleats that you put in.

2. That leads to the next bit - this skirt is both pleated AND then gathered! Gathering through pleats can be a bit of a challenge - you are trying to gather 3 layers simultaneously. This one definitely called for 3 rows of basting stitches to gather!

3. I was surprised to see that the instructions called for the lower band to be interfaced. I debated skipping it, but finally decided to follow the instructions. I'm glad I did. I think it makes the band stand out as a separate piece in a nice way.

I did try something different with the zipper - in part inspired by many of you! I decided to try to put it in by hand. Now, here's fair warning: I didn't read up on it - I just made something up on my own. If you know how to do it correctly, you may want to stop reading here, as this next bit could be distressing. ;)

I went ahead and basted the seam shut. Then I pressed the seam open and flat. I basted a guide row of stitches along each side of the center and then separated the two sides. Then I hand stitched the zipper in - one side at a time - stitching along the guide line.

So, it didn't come out perfectly, but I did like the control that I had over the placement! And it didn't really take that long. (As many of you said!) I think I'll try this again. :)

So, enough words, how about some pictures? ;)

It felt so good to be sewing again! I still have to hand stitch the facing down, and attach the lace permanently (right now it's just hand basted through the center). I had to stop because I hurt my right index finger climbing yesterday, and it turns out that your right index fingers plays an important role in hand stitching - who knew? ;)

I hope everyone is having (or had) a great sewing weekend!


gwensews said...

Look what a cute skirt you made! Hooray! I bet it felt wonderful to sew again. So, does the saying "absense makes the heart grow fonder" apply to sewwing? Very nice.

Claire S. said...

Very cute, I like it ! :-)

Becky said...

A little pink for my taste ;) but I like the style. And I bet it's such a good feeling to get back to it (and get a project done quickly for the first one back!)

Summerset said...

Cute - love the extra detail of the interfacing in the hem band.