Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Confession

Several of my cookbooks have a special section called something like "The Well Stocked Pantry" that lists the supposed "basics" that everyone should always have on hand. I got to thinking about sewing rooms the other day, and wondered if there is an analog?

Pretty much the only thing that I keep stocked in my sewing room is interfacing. I buy that in bulk. I buy all of the rest of my supplies as specific projects call for them.

How about you? Do you keep your sewing room stocked with any supplies? Is there anything that you consider a basic staple in your sewing room? Or do you buy supplies on a "just-in-time" basis, as each project calls for them? (Note: I'll ask about basic tools next week.)

So, tomorrow is the big day! Don't forget to stop by! I'm going to post my Tops Table (in the "How Much Fabric?" series) and reveal my surprise! :)


CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

I keep a stock of the following:

•Zippers (regular and invisible) in 9” and 22” lengths, colors – black, grey, brown, navy, white.
•Elastic – 1 inch stretch lace (black and white), picot edge lingerie elastic (black and white), knit elastic, no roll elastic.
•Bias tape – single and double fold (black, brown, navy, white)
•Hem tape (black, brown, navy, white)
•Thread (black, brown, navy, white, grey). I order my thread from Atlanta Thread Company. I try to wait until they have a sale and buy in bulk.
•Sewing machine needles (universal, ball point, twin needle, jeans) in various sizes.
•Hand needles (sharps, ball points maybe some embroidery)
•Interfacing. I’m getting better at stocking interfacing. I really want to buy from Pam at Off the Cuff style. I just missed her sale! Dang it!
•Lining (a stock a lot of medium brown lining which matches my skin tone. You can use skin tone colored lining for most garments-white and sheers being the exception). I also stock to a lesser degree black and navy.
•Muslin-I make a lot and I do mean a lot of test garments out of muslin. I buy it by the bolt when I have a coupon from Joann’s or Hancock’s.

I don’t stock a lot of fabric but that’s just a personal a financial preference. Now that I’m getting better at sewing, I’ve noticed that I have a lot more fabric.

goodworks1 said...

I keep stock of everything, in multiple colors, especially zippers (all types), elastic (I buy huge rolls from Kathy on her yahoo group - it's excellent quality and keeps it's stretch!), thread, machine needles, interfacing, etc. This is partly because I live so far from a store (40 miles) but also because I often can't find the brands I prefer at that store when I get there (JA) - for instance, I probably have 80 or more of the largest size spools of Metrosene thread, in the colors I use most often. I would estimate my zipper stash to be 100+ total in all styles: #5 and 10 and regular coil jacket zippers (both one way and reversible and two way), invisible zippers, regular zippers, pant zippers, etc. For most zippers I buy the longest length available and cut it down to the size I need.

I rarely use commercial bias tape or hem tape, so I only have the ones that came from my grandmother's stash. (And my aunt's and the ones from that auction... lol) I make my own bias tape when needed.

But I think I seriously have every size and type needle that is available for my Bernina. Much fewer for my Singer 301A.

I guess the other reason I stock up so much is health-related. I find I'm a lot more productive if I don't have to drive somewhere to track down the supplies.

We won't even talk about the fabric stashing, except to say that the quality and colors of that stash has vastly improved since I met the EvilFabricQueen, Ressy, at the Fabric and Notions group on yahoo.

Zep said...

Since I'm so cheap I always stock up on thing when I see them on sale. Usually between Christmas and New years you can find great sales. I stock up on interfacing/all weights, zippers/basic colors 7" to 22inch, thread (I'm always buying this), 3/4" elastic, muslin, lace and trims, buttons. If I stock up good I don't have to buy many of this for a full year. Being a sewing school my sewing supply "stash" is always getting used. I stock up big and I'm always asking for donations :) you would be surprised what you receive if you just ask. All kinds of different things come your way when you tell people you take donations.

Faye Lewis said...

Usually when Hancock's has their 50% off notions I stock up on a few things. I like to have zippers on hand preferably 9". I will sometimes buy up to 3 yards of their fusible interfacing, pick up some bias tape and hem tape. I have extra needles, pins and things like that but not in excess. As for fabric, my stash has grown considerably in recent months and I am blessed to have more fabric than ever before. Got to get some of this sewn up soon.

mamafitz said...

i don't stock much. i usually have a bolt of muslin and a bolt of canvas (for purses/bags). i have a roll or two of STP and a bolt of the blue gridded stuff from joann's for tracing patterns. i think i have a bunch of boxer elastic, and i usually have a few packets of various machine needles. i don't stock zippers, interfacing, most elastics, or thread. oh, i know i have a bolt of silk organza here too.

i live about a 30 minute drive from joann's, though i can get guterman thread at my local yarn shop a few miles away.

SunnyQ said...

Thread! I like to have lots of different colors, so when I am lucky enough to both have the inspiration, time and energy to sew, I can sew whatever I want. I really wish I were better at planning my sewing though :)

Anonymous said...

I tend to buy thread, zippers, buttons on an as needed basis - though there is plenty of stash here from sales I just couldn't pass up or leftovers from other projects. While I do stock up on thread and zipper colors that I commonly use when they are on sale, I've learned that it doesn't work for me to purchase buttons in advance - they are never the right color or size or number. I bought bolts of interfacing at a going out of business sale a few years ago and while it is handy to have it available when I find time to sew, sometimes I wonder what I'm missing by not checking out some newer products. I stock up on clear elastic because I like to use that in knit seams but don't use enough of other types to keep them in stock. Sometimes when I read other's blogs about stocking up on basics I wonder why I can't seem to be that organized, but if I didn't ever need to stop by the fabric store to pick up some needed notion what excuse would I have to stop in to touch and feel fabric. ;)

Lois K

Elle said...

I have the usual suspects: needles, pins, threads, zippers, elastic, hem tape, interfacing (okay I have bolts of organza for the most part), etc. I also have these because I use them, in addition to the things used for garments:

Starch: I generally make my own, but I keep a can with my sewing for when I'm lazy.

Clothespins: I keep patterns, pieces and works in progress together with them, as well as use them to hang clothing up.

Coat hangers: You can never have too many.

Bodkins: I have 14 of these suckers. Think I can find them? Pfft. I can lay my hands on two.

Cardboard from bolts: Fabric stores are really stingy with letting you have these, but if you get some yardage, they are invaluable in storage.

Plastic drop cloths: I get mine from the hardware store and asked for a contractor discount. I got it, and the plastic there is able to be sewn, has an opacity that is crystal clear and I can use it for muslins, patter drafting and copying.

I also bought 2 boxes of vintage hooks. They were originally 2 great grosses (there was about 2500 when I bought them)and split them with my mom...and still have a box so full I will never use them all.

This is some of the more unusual things I have out where I glanced over.

Summerset said...

I don't actually stock a whole lot. I do keep interfacing, elastics, hooks and eyes, and snaps on hand. I have a pretty large thread collection, so if I don't have a color I buy it. I don't stock zippers. I never know what I'll be making next or for whom, so I tend to wait until I need one to buy one. I always have one packet of each variety of needles, except for serger needles and I keep two of those because they double as knit needles for my regular machine.