Thursday, September 3, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Sew-Ann, Ivalyn, Donna, Uta, Summerset, Mary, Gwen, Elaina, Becky and Sarah for talking back to my confession last Friday!

As usual, I received comments representing a variety of positions across the continuum of possibilities. A handful of people echoed variations of my position – they don’t worry much about current trends and think that the stuff on the runways is often too “out there.” They sew what they like, what is comfortable and what works for their bodies, their lifestyles and their existing wardrobes.

There were also a number of comments that represented a more moderate position. Many of you do find inspiration in fashion magazines and blogs, high end catalogs and web sites. Some commenters said that they do try to keep their wardrobes at least somewhat current (or at least, as Gwen said, not be too outdated!). And a couple of people pointed out that, even if you don’t like an entire high fashion look, you can often take away a detail here or there and incorporate it into your own work in a fresh and interesting way.

I think that Uta made a very interesting point along these lines. She reminded me that fashion repeats itself (kind of like history!) and that the same basic styles are often reincarnated in different “new” trends. What this means to her is that she can often find something within a current trend that allows her to remain true to her own particular taste.

Finally, a couple of commenters do truly stay on top of the industry. Summerset, for example, has identified some designers and design houses that consistently reflect her personal style, and she follows their work. Similarly, Elaina spends at least some of her time inhabiting the fashion world – she knows some designers personally and reads industry publications, rather than the mainstream fashion magazines on the newsstands.

Two websites were recommended. Summerset recommended Carolyn's blog, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, if you would like to see a sewer take runway fashion and make it her own. Sarah keeps up with the fashion industry by reading Tom and Lorenzo, of Project Rungay.

My favorite line came from Elaina, who said, “Style is much different from fashion” – and this leads to the theme that was common across all of the different responses. People who sew know themselves and know their styles – whether they look for those styles to be reflected in the fashion industry or not. ;)

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to respond! Your comments always get me thinking!

Photo credit: Mac Babs - Bárbara Bessa