Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

Who has started thinking about Christmas presents? Raise your hand! :)

So, the first of the "kits" that I ordered (from Halcyon Yarn) for weaving kitchen towels as Christmas presents arrived earlier this week. I put quotation marks around the word kit because the materials came in a somewhat more raw form than I had anticipated...

As you can see, each "kit" contains a single piece of paper (supposedly the "instructions") and several cones of yarn. This is amazingly similar to what I receive when, instead of ordering a "kit", I decide to make something from scratch and purchase several cones of yarn.

In hindsight, I'm not 100% sure what I expected, but at the very least, don't you think it should have contained a gnome to jump out and warp my loom for me?

I did spend about 15 minutes studying the piece of paper, and I believe that I have isolated the relevant subsections and determined approximately which stage of the weaving process each is referring to... ;)

So, I'm off on a business trip this week, but I'd better get going on this pretty quickly, because I've committed to weaving Christmas kitchen towels (2 each) for approximately 18 people! Yikes! ;)

I don't know when, but don't worry - I'll get to this project! It's in the queue...


gwensews said...

Yikes is right! And please--can't Christmas just delay itself for a ocuple of weeks this year? Hummmm? Ho ho ho!