Thursday, September 10, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Lee, CarlaF, Goodworks1, Cole's Corner, Mamafitz, Summerset, Cindy, Gwen, Claire S, Joannely, Webfrau, Faye Lewis, Elaina and Sarah for "talking back" to my confession last week. I confessed that I never put hooks and eyes into my garments.

People were very evenly split on this issue.

For example, 5 people reported never or rarely putting them in, 4 people reported putting them in sometimes (depending on the garment) and 4 people reported usually or always putting them in.

Similarly, regarding the hand stitching aspect, 5 people reported not enjoying hand stitching and 5 people reported not minding or even liking doing the hand stitching (and other little finishing details on a garment).

It doesn’t get more evenly divided than that! ;)

On the “no, thanks” side of the house, a few people took the position that it is possible, and possibly even desirable, to install your zipper or buttons right to the top of the outfit, such that a hook and eye aren’t necessary.

However, two specific situations were mentioned when a hook and eye could be a godsend – Cindy brought up strapless dresses. If the zipper breaks, the hook and eye will be the only thing standing between you and a Janet Jackson moment!

Joannely mentioned wedding dresses, and how connecting a hook and eye at the top can be a huge help when you are trying to pull up the zipper on a heavy (and tight!) gown!

Finally, a few people talked about taking the hook and eye to what I think of as a couture level. Mamafitz and Elaina mentioned that they don’t use the metal eyes – they make thread eyes by hand. (And I’m sure they are not the only ones among the commenters.) Joannely and Webfrau brought up how beautiful and special it is when the hooks are covered with thread. Both Webfrau and Sarah are reminded of their connection to earlier generations of seamstresses by these special hand stitches.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to respond! These confessions of mine would be pretty dull if you didn’t “talk back” to me! ;)

Don’t forget to come by this weekend – I’m going to post my final table for the “How Much Fabric?” series (Tops), and I’ve got an announcement to make!


Zep said...

I have a great question that I think would help the new people to the art not to be frustrated while learning. How many projects have you made that you didn't have to use the seam ripper once when making it? - no mistakes from start to finish. This is a great place to ask it and again I think it would help out my students and others so much to know we're not all perfect.
Thanks Gwen! I love "Talk Back Thursday's" :)