Thursday, September 17, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to
Carla F, Goodworks1, Cindy, Faye Lewis, Mamafitz, SunnyQ, Lois K, Elaina and Summerset for talking back to my confesison last week! I asked what basic supplies people keep stocked up in their sewing rooms.

Okay, seriously? Apparently I need to go shopping! ;)

Here is a list of the sewing room staples that were mentioned, ordered from most to least commonly called out, with the number of people who keep each item stocked up provided in parentheses:

- Elastic, assorted types and widths (7)
- Interfacing, assorted thicknesses (7)
- Thread, assorted colors (6)
- Zippers, assorted colors & sizes (6)
- Sewing machine needles (5)
- Hand needles (3)
- Hem tape (3)
- Muslin (3)
- Bias tape (2)
- Silk organza (2)
- Hooks & eyes / vintage hooks (2)
- Buttons (1)
- Canvas for purses (1)
- Lace & assorted trims (1)
- Lining (1)
- Snaps (1)
- Starch (1)
- Tracing paper (1)

Elaina also mentioned some really interesting tools, but I'm going to hold those back for next week.

Originally I had reported that the only thing I stock is interfacing, but reading your lists made me realize that this is not true. I also stock up on sewing machine needles, tracing paper and buttons (I buy those little packets of cheap plastic buttons in a color theme for all the Hawaiian shirts that I make for my husband!). And I stock up on magnetic purse clasps (not that I make that many purses, but none of my local stores carry them, so I need a supply on hand) and all of the supplies that I use to make chalk bags – Velcro, cord (for drawstrings), cord stops, felt and canvas for the 2 inner layers and strapping.

I was really impressed by all the organized people who have a system for stocking up on things like zippers, elastic, lining, bias tape, etc. - they know what colors, sizes, widths, etc. they use most often. For example, CarlaF keeps both regular and invisible zippers, in 9" and 22" lengths, and in black, grey, brown, navy and white on hand. Goodworks1 has an alternative solution - she always buys the longest possible zippers and cuts them down to whatever size she needs.

There were some good reasons for stocking up mentioned - the biggest two being (1) taking advantage of sales and (2) not having to interrupt an ongoing project to run to the store to pick up a notion.

On the other hand, Lois K provided an excellent reason for NOT stocking up - to have an excuse to go to the fabric store, oh and maybe spend just a few minutes checking out the new patterns and fabrics while you are there... ;)

I'm thinking of this as a two-part series - tomorrow I'll ask about basic tools for any sewing room. We can put this list of staples together with a list of tools and have our own recipe for the perfect sewing room!

Thanks again, everyone! As usual, you all rock! :)

Photo credit: exfordy