Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Eileen, Toni, Christine, Lindsay T, Summerset, Claire, Caity and Lisa Laree for talking back to my "confession" last Friday! I confessed that I have started shopping simply because there is a sale, rather than only buying when the need for something originates inside of me.

Historically, the responses to my Friday confessions vary quite a bit and include comments from people representing each end of the continuum and many spots in between...

This time, however, I may have stumbled onto our collective Achilles' Heel - SALES!

The general theme was something like this:

"...I can't resist..." - Eileen
"...I am all about the pattern sales..." - Toni
"It's very difficult for me to resist sales..." - Christine
"Yes, I am swayed by sales..." - Lindsay
"Vintage patterns are another story altogether." - Summerset
"...I have started paying attention [to sales]..." - Claire
"...those BMV sales are hard to resist!" - Caity
"Stop??? Is that possible?..." - Lisa Laree

To be fair, most people also mentioned being conscientious about their spending habits:

"To my credit, I have never paid full price for a pattern" - Eileen
"I work very hard at making sure I buy things that I am VERY sure I will end up making" - Christine
"...right now I am on an austerity diet of no more patterns, no more fabric..." - Lindsay
"...I try to buy only what I need in the first place..." - Summerset
"...coveting most Vintage Vogue patterns, but I must curb my spending..." - Caity
"...there is a limit to both finances and storage, so I've applied the brakes and managed to slow down a bit..." - Lisa Laree

So, rather than agonize any more about my "fall from grace", I think I'm going to accept the inevitable and just join the club...

Or, in this case, just enjoy the BMV club! ;)

Thanks again, everyone, for taking the time to leave me a note! I really love reading your comments - this time you all had me smiling from ear to ear!


Joanne said...

I missed that post (hadn't found your blog yet!) But can I jump in now? I rarely if ever pay full price. Love to find steals on the clearance rack. My daughter got me hooked onto this. My, the outfits she puts together for next to nothing! Adds a fun spin to the outing.