Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Confessions

Sharing My Sewing Room

I share my sewing room with a mostly white, short-haired cat named Milly.
Or, as those of you with cats know to be more accurate, Milly graciously condescends to let me sit on her chair periodically.

How about you? Who do you share your sewing room with?


Christina said...


I have 3 cats although only one of them keeps me company in the sewing room. She likes to lay down on pattern pieces, fabric, etc.

Summerset said...

What a cute kitty! I share my studio with any one of the cat herd: Pix, Max or Kiwi. My children tend to spend time there, and my husband wanders in from time to time.

Claire said...

I share my sewingroom with messes created by me. ;o) No kitties here. Your kitty is adorable and it's good that she is agreeable about sharing your sewingroom with you. ;o0

Anonymous said...

As I was reading that post I was thinking, "wait don't the cats usually share the rooms with us?" But then of course that fact was acknowledged. :)

My kitty, Figaro, actually stays off my stuff and sticks to his own designated places (which admittedly is most of the house). He doesn't even get on the keyboard, even if I'm typing! But then he's a strange one. :)