Thursday, May 8, 2008

Talk Back Thursday

Thanks to Vicki, Mascanlon and Claire for "talking back" to my "Friday Confession" last week! I asked about sewing machine maintenance.

Not surprisingly, some folks are good about regular maintenance and others, like me, are not so good. (We are never quite as uniquely wonderful, nor as uniquely terrible, as we might imagine...)

I did learn one thing - apparently there are "no oil" sewing machines! What?!? I feel I have been denied critical, need-to-know information! ;)

Thank you also to Christine, Emily, Becky, Claire and Amy for commenting on the summer dress that is in my queue! You all have inspired me to move that dress to the front of the queue and I'll be working on it this weekend! Yay! :)

A special "Hey!" to Amy, who has recently returned to sewing. Thank you for letting me know that you are enjoying my blog - it really means a lot! There are a TON of super excellent sewing blogs - check out the ones I've listed in my blogroll... But, be careful - before you know it, all your sewing time will be filled with reading sewing blogs! ;)

And yes, I really like Amy Butler fabrics too. I was so happy when a local, privately-owned fabric store started stocking them!


Claire said...

Hi Gwen, thank you for popping over to my blog. I agree about spending too much time reading all the interesting blogs, rather than sewing. I can't wait to see your dress emerge from your sewingroom.

Becky said...

You know, I think that using an existing shirt to make my new blouse actually made it a lot easier. If I'd tried to do that by altering a pattern or just draping a big piece of fabric out, I never would have been able to get it to work. But having smaller pieces that already resembled a shirt made it a lot easier. Especially since I could use some pieces as is, like the collar and the back (though I did have to do darts and put the horizontal band in.)

Thanks for stopping by! And good luck with the dress!