Thursday, May 22, 2008

Talk Back Thursday

Thanks to Becky, Lori, Lashell, Summerset, Vicki, Debbie, Stacy, Claire, Susan and Donna for responding to my "Friday Confession" last week!

I confessed that I tend to leave white thread in my serger, regardless of the color of my fabric. While I'm not completely alone on this, most folks bite the bullet and change their thread to match their current project. In fact, 60% reported having spool sets in six or more colors!

As usual, I learned some good ideas! A couple people reported that they compromise between (a) using only 1 or 2 colors, and (b) matching each outfit perfectly, by establishing a core set of thread colors that coordinates with most of the colors in their wardrobe.

And Lori sews in batches based on color groups, so that she doesn't need to re-thread as often. Vicki even suggested that threading a serger gets pretty easy with enough practice! Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it! ;)

In any event, it looks like I may have to suck it up and change more often... :)

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to talk back!


Anonymous said...

It does, really truly it does - my serger and I may even actually become *gasp* friends - one day!

Meg said...

I hear you on this one! But threading my serger has gotten easier. I just changed the thread last night and it only took me 10 minutes as compared to my usual 30 minutes.

Becky said...

My serger has a color-coded threading guide. Way easier than my mom's old one.

And thanks! She was really excited about the scrapbook, so I think our little creative plot was a success. :)

Nancy Winningham said...

I mostly use white, off white, black or gray. I also have pink, red, and yellow. MOst of the time, I use white or black. Gray coordinates with almost everything else. I only worry about it if it will show, like on an unlined jacket. Now I have a a coverstitch machine. Does that mean I need 6 of every color??????? Actually, it only takes me about 2 minutes to change the thread on my serger - and I have an old one!