Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Confessions


I change the needle in my sewing machine for every new project. That's good, right?

Yeah, well I have never oiled the machine or taken it in for a "tune up"... :(

Five years and nothing (noticeably) bad has happened yet. But I know it's stupid and I really need to encorporate some regular maintenance into my sewing machine's life.

How about you? What regular maintenance do you do for your machine(s)?


Vicki said...

My machine is a no oil machine. I had it serviced last year (after about owing it for 5). So no maintenance from me really.

mascanlon said...

I try and take mine in every year for a tune up but the last year I haven't had much time to sew so I skipped it. I never add oil myself.

Claire said...

Oh boy, I sure do hate to admit this, but my machines have never seen the inside of a repair shop. (blush) I do have one machine badly in need of fixing (Janome 6500). My dealer had to close his doors and now I need to find someone else to fix it. One of my machines was purchased in 1993...... So, I guess I'm "badder" than you. ;o)