Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Confessions

Purchasing Fabric

I've heard it many times - the layout of pattern pieces in the Big 4 instructions is inefficient and with care and cleverness you can get by with purchasing less fabric.

So, am I Thrifty and Economical?

Nope, I round UP when purchasing fabric. I feel better with that little extra cushion - I can recover more easily from small mistakes; I have more flexibility in laying out things like pockets; plus, now that I've started paying attention to grain, I rip each edge to find the grainline and often lose a bit of fabric that way.

How about you? Do you buy the exact recommended amount of fabric, a little more or a little less?


Emily said...

hah - I do the same thing you do -- purchase MORE fabric than I need. I have nightmares about running out of fabric mid-project!

Claire said...

No way do I purchase the exact amount called for in the pattern. Extra is it and this can be anywhere from a 1/2 to a full yard or more, just in case I need it or I want to make something else. Ususally I don't get around to making the first item so I don't know why I would consider extra fabric for a 2nd. ;o)

Do you experience anxious moments if you pull fabric from the stash and find you have just enough for a project?? I freeze and hyperventilate. ;o)

Summerset said...

No. I do not buy extra fabric, I always buy less. For the most part I ignore pattern layouts and do my own thing. I absolutely pay attention to grainline, but do things my own way. Besides, I feel a strange sense of accomplishment when I can squeeze a garment out of too little fabric. I'm not sure what that's all about, but it works for me!

Vicki said...

Lately I have just been buying an estimated amount without any pattern in mind. So I always end up with left over fabric! lol

Elaray said...

I always buy at least 1/4 to 3/8 yard more. Like Emily, I'm afraid of not having enough. The only drawback is, I often have big scrap pieces - to big to throw away and too small to use.

Becky said...

I also tend to round up--partially because I have a tendency to tweak patterns or use them as jumping-off points to create my own thing, but also partially as a cushion. I can think of a couple instances where I actually didn't round up quite enough and ended up having to go back for more fabric (the prime two examples being a graduation dress that I was fortunate they had more of the fabric, because I was short on one pattern piece, and a pirate coat that I had to substitute auto upholstery fabric on one sleeve because I cut the piece wrong and they had no more of the velveteen! Though you really can't tell unless you're very close.) I do also tend to have the large leftover scrap problem because of it, though.