Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Talk Back Tuesday

Thanks so much to BConky, Katherine, Alison, Linda, Debbie, Shannon, Gwen and Elaina for talking back to my confession a couple of weeks ago.  :)

I confessed that I have some tools/notions in my sewing room that I've bought and then never used, and asked if I'm alone in this...

The Reader's Digest Condensed Version of the comments: "No."  ;)

Everyone admitted to having at least one thing in her sewing room that she doesn't use.  Linda represented one end of the continuum with her comment, "I buy them all and use most of them."  A couple of folks were on the other end, with "many" untried or unused tools, notions, fabric and patterns in their sewing rooms.

The most commonly called out "never been used" item is machine feet - whether for a sewing machine, serger or coverstitch machine.  Specific feet included: fagoting, ribbon, piping, elastic and gathering.  

I'm not sure if those really are the most unused tools in general or if people were reminded of their machine feet because that is the thing that I called out as most neglected in my sewing room...  

Other unused items called out included tailor's chalk, pressing cloths and Wild Ginger pattern making software.  (I hope I don't end up in that category with the PatternMaker software that I got for the 1912 project...)  

A couple of interesting themes emerged from the comments.  

First, I didn't sense a lot of guilt.  ;)  

Elaina expressed it succinctly, "I don't feel too bad, because you know, one day I might need them."  

And then there was Linda's thought, "She who dies with the most sewing notions... wins!"

Second - and this struck me as pretty insightful - why don't these items get used?  It's the classic learning curve problem.  Learning to use something new takes time - and for most of us that means taking precious time away from our sewing.  

But, if we would devote a little time to getting good at using these new tools, they might prove worthwhile.  For example, Linda talked about the Clover desktop needle threader (pictured above).  She had one that languished on a shelf for ages, before she was inspired to try it.  Now she loves it.  :)

So what are my take-away messages?  One - go easy on myself.  Instead of feeling bad that I haven't used those feet, I'll modify that statement to "...haven't used them YET" and remember that I'm planning on many more years of sewing in my life!  

Second, when opportunities do arise, I'm going to try to be patient and give myself some time to practice and really learn how to use each new tool.  I'll try to remember that it won't pay off immediately, but if I give it some time, it may become one of my new favorite tools.  :)

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to leave a comment!  As always, you help me feel not so alone and you inspire me!  :)