Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In the Queue Wednesday

During my various work trips this last month, I've managed to squeeze in some fabric shopping.  In Pensacola, Florida I discovered one of those wonderful Mom and Pop Pharmacy/Fabric-Store combinations - I'm sure you've seen those before, right?  ;)

Here is the fabric for 2 more of those 1-yard toddler skirts.  I figured I might want some easy, fun projects for when my 1912 project becomes a bit overwhelming.  ;)

Not sure when I'll get to them - it'll depend on how soon my first 1912 project shows up.  (And remember, these baby girls haven't arrived yet!)  But don't worry, I'll be making these skirts someday!  They're in the queue...  :)


Alviana said...

lovely fabrics. they will turn out to be very cute skirts

Anonymous said...
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