Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Confession

As many of you know, I've decided to participate in the 1912 Vintage Pattern project by sewing the patterns for a 24 inch doll.  I've never really sewn doll clothes before - with the minor exception of a couple of outfits for some "Build-A-Bears" belonging to my nieces.  

So, this has got me wondering - do you sew for dolls?  If not, why not?  If so, what can you tell me about it?  How does it compare to sewing for people?  Similarities?  Differences?  Any advice?  Can you point me towards any helpful resources?  Do you have any favorite doll outfits or stories?  If you have some pictures, I'd love to see them!  I'll post then and link to you (of course!).  

I'm looking forward to reading about your thoughts and your experiences!  :)


wendy said...

I have one piece of advice: FLAT CONSTRUCTION FOR TOPS. Don't even think about doing an in the round sleeve insertion for a doll outfit, itdoesn't work. ;)

I sew american girl doll outfits for my nieces sometimes - they get a big kick out of getting matching doll clothes from the scraps of whatever I made for them. Kate got a coat and a matching doll coat last christmas which she was excited about:

katherine h said...

I made a couple of sets when my daughter was little, but it was way too fiddly for me.

I often wonder about designers who say they started out making clothes for their barbies...I find it so different to making clothes for real people.

It was not something I enjoyed...but don't let that stop is just a reflection of my poor fine motor skills.

Unknown said...

I have sewn american girl clothes but I wont touch barbie clothes with a 10 foot pole. Thats too little for me. I dont like to sew doll clothes because I would prefer to spend my time on clothes my daughter or I can wear.

Sarah E. said...

I have done some baby doll clothes. For me, the hardest part was that the pieces are tiny and the 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Unknown said...

Okay Gwen...sewing doll clothes takes a lot of patience because you do a lot of problem solving quite honestly its a lot of trial and error. My advice is:
1. Don't attempt doing it for longer then 3 hours at a time.
2. Use size 10 needles, and fine thread.
3. Reverse grip tweezers for holding parts you cannot find with your fingers.
4. A single hole needle plate for your machine is a must.
5. Use 1/4 seam allowances.
6.fray check and 1/4 steam a seam lite(works well for hems).
7. super fine silk pins, fine point mechanical pencils and marking tools
8.Sew with a 1.5 - 2. stitch length.
Please feel free to message me if you need help Gwen. I used to do prototypes and pattern making for DC Comics action figures

Sew Ducky said...

I do not sew for doll clothes, and never really have.

My mom stuck me with hand sewing for barbies when I wanted to learn as a kid...and I hated it. So much so, I refused to sew until I got to a machine in my teens. I just hate it so much.

I have repaired a few dresses here and there for my mom (who can sew, but I took needle and thread to tack here and there) so it's not really sewing, just mending.

I will leave it that I am sure I will have to make them sooner or later with my own daughter, eventually (she is not old enough for a doll yet), since I refuse to sew for other people's kids' dolls.

I have a boy already, and they don't ask for a lot of doll clothes. Matter of fact, he asked for exactly none, even though he did have a Barbie (in a swimsuit) that Optimus Prime and GI Joe had to rescue from odd things. But she did it in bikini. (It's a guy thing, I think.)

Between my own hatred of it and I have a half-grown boy, an infant daughter, and a teenage sister who my mom made her clothes, I never had any cause to sew any of them.

debbie said...

I made Barbi clothes more years ago than I want to remember. Actually over 40 years ago, gulp!

Since then nothing.

patsijean said...

No, I have never sewn for dolls. Never wanted too. My childhood was spend playing with the Moser boys in whatever outdoor activity we could devise, especially Cowboys and Indians. I even had a bow and arrow set. When I entered 6th grade, I was devastated when told I had to wear skirts to school from then on--oh, I couldn't wrestle with the boys any more either. I started sewing skirts when in the 7th grade, I think.

Shannon said...

I sew for my daughter's various dolls, and sometimes for my sister's Gene doll (slightly larger then a barbie). I've even made my own dolls a few times. I usually stick with hand sewing for the Gene, since she is so skinny. For the larger dolls, I use a small seam allowance and my sewing machine.
It looks like there are some great tips in here for doll clothes making!

Linda T said...

My first sewing was for dolls but I was much much younger then and while they fit they weren't fitted. Things that small are hard to sew and I don't have any reason too. Your doll is bigger so it might be a more interesting thing to do.