Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the Queue Wednesday

A few more projects are trying to sneak into my queue as I wait for my first 1912 project assignment.  Remember the 3 baby girls that are soon to grace my work group with their presence?  Two of the parents are major football fans and so I thought I'd take a temporary sabbatical from the adorably cute girly stuff and make the less traditional football-watching-with-my-folks pinafores!  

Again, the pattern is from the One Yard Wonders book.  It has a lined bodice, gathered skirt made of rectangular pieces of fabric, and (barely) closes in the back with a single ribbon tie.  It's meant to be worn on top of other clothes.  

I think this will be a very quick and easy project - so I'm hoping to get to it soon....  No promises, of course.  But don't worry, I will get to it!  It's in the queue...  


Vernon Fashion Studio said...

Just recieved my copy of this book from, today. Can't wait to decide on my first project.

Linda T