Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In the Queue Wednesday

My intent is to "kill two birds with one stone" with this project.  I thought I'd dabble in historical costuming (relevant to the 1912 project) AND make myself something cute to wear under my swing dancing skirts...  

Here's the "bloomers" pattern I chose:  

Notice that the bloomers are not what you would call fitted...  ;)

You should see the pattern pieces!  (I'll post pictures when I actually sew these.)  First, it's what some people call a "one seam" pants pattern - there is no outer leg seam, only an inner leg seam.  Second, the pattern piece is HUGE - accounting for all that bunched up fabric you see in the picture above.

So, I'm starting with an unusual pattern.  Next - on to the fabric.  

Hmmm...  How do I put this...?

I'm using a bed sheet.  

There is this 500-thread count bed sheet with damask stripes that I just love - it feels so comfortable.  And so I bought a sheet to use as my fabric.  Am I crazy?  

I'll probably make the bloomers shorter than they appear in the pattern photo, but I'm going to put in the horizontal pintucks - I really like that detail!  :)

Finally, I looked through my lace "stash" (yes, all 3 pieces) and decided that I'll probably use this along the hem:  

It may be uncomfortable, dangling against my legs - we'll see...

Again - the goal is to dabble in historical costuming and produce an undergarment suitable for my swing dancing skirt.  I may just be setting myself up to miss two birds with one stone!  ;)

Don't worry, we'll see...  It's in the queue.  :)


Anonymous said...

Great idea about the sheet! The lace looks so feminine. Can't wait to see how it turns out!