Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's Torch Story

You moon the wrong person at the office Christmas party
and suddenly you're not "professional" anymore.

~ Anonymous

Don't get your hopes up - there was no mooning at our ESL class Christmas party. This deficit of bare bottoms can probably be traced back to the lack of alcohol. Something about the setting (St. Joseph's Catholic Church) suggested to me that the party probably should not be a "kegger". ;)

But we did have lots of decorations and an unbelievably delicious spread of homemade food:

While none of our 3 male students were able to attend, all 8 female students came (we picked up 2 new ones near the end of the semester) and we took the opportunity to take a class picture.

Many brought family members and luckily I was prepared with a collection of coloring books, crayons, a jigsaw puzzle and assorted card games (Old Maid, Go Fish, Uno, etc.) So even the kids had a good time!

I was surprised and amazingly happy to receive my first "teacher's gifts" - you know, the mug that says "World's Best Teacher", etc. I'm sure that the joy wears off once you've been teaching a few years and have a cupboard full of them - but that first time was pretty nice. :)

Now we have a month off - time for me to get busy preparing for the next semester!

I hope all YOUR Christmas parties go well, full moon or not... ;)