Thursday, December 30, 2010

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Carla, Mamafitz, Faye, Alison, Sarah, Mary, Katherine, Shannon, Elaina, Summerset and Cindy for talking back to my confession a couple of weeks ago! I brought up UFOs (unfinished objects) and asked about other peoples’ experiences with this sewing room plague…

Turns out – you guys are SAINTS! The overwhelming response (7 out of 11 commenters) was “No, I don’t really have many (or any) UFOs.”

Even among the other 4, it doesn’t appear to be a huge problem for anyone. Sarah does well with her made-from-scratch clothes, and only piles up UFOs in her mending/alteration/refashion pile. Elaina has some periodically – especially if it’s something that’s not urgent – but often doesn’t have any. Shannon does have some, but says that she eventually finishes at least 50% of them, even the long term projects like quilts. And Cindy used to have some, but now has an ingenious method for keeping herself on the straight and narrow.

Among the majority who don’t have UFOs, there were two strategies consistently mentioned. The first was just plain old self-discipline. Many people simply don’t let themselves start a new project until they finish the current one. The second was a philosophy that I’m going to adopt – if a project loses its attraction, many people are willing to toss it. They don’t let it establish a stranglehold in the sewing room and cast a pall of obligation and guilt over them.

In retrospect, that makes a lot of sense – most of us sew out of love of the craft – if you aren’t gaining anything (either a beautiful garment or a learning experience), why waste precious time on a project? Not only are you guys saints, you are also pretty darned smart! ;)

Katherine did bring up an alternative to the UFO – the USO (un-started object) – pattern & fabric sitting together, just waiting to be the chosen one. I have half a dozen USOs myself… (Sigh…)

Finally, Cindy’s scheme for avoiding UFOs – you didn’t think I wasn’t going to tell you what it is, did you? She picked up a half dozen baskets at the dollar store and puts all of the supplies for one project in each basket. Her rule – she is not allowed to start a new project until she finishes one basket project.

Okay, there’s still a heavy dose of self-discipline needed for that plan – but I think I could work within that system.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to answer – who knew that wise saints could rock like that?

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas full of family and love – and maybe one or two goodies for your sewing room! ;)

Photo credit: D. Sharon Pruitt