Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Confessions

It's so PINK I'm going to DIE!

(Said with a nod to Agnes from the movie "Despicable Me".)

I got a PINK Sony Vaio laptop computer for Christmas! It's actually for my small business, selling the "How Much Fabric?" reference cards - I was hogging the family desktop, downloading patterns, entering numbers, working on the website, pretending that I know what I'm doing with the business accounting software, etc. But I am totally in love with it! :)

In fact, I'm writing this blog post on it! Doesn't the post just ring out with extra zip, class, style and zing? ;)

In addition to the laptop, we got to spend the Christmas holidays with both families - mine and my in-laws - in the "Great White North" (Ohio). (What can I say? We live in Florida.) Everyone is doing well - the big excitement is my oldest nephew, a senior in high school, making plans for college next year. No official acceptances yet, but some encouraging campus visits...

So, how about you? Any special gifts under your tree last weekend? Any special family milestones and/or memories that you'd like to share?


Claire S. said...

Pretty, pretty pink laptop - enjoy !

I wasn't expecting anything under the tree for me, because DH just upgraded my treadmill 3 weeks before Xmas and that was 'supposed' to be my present. He, however, had different ideas and handed me a small package - 'you have to have something to open' - a 64GGB Ipod Touch - WOW ! He opened a Canon T2i camera and has been playing with it all week. Normally Christmas is low key, guess it was our year for a little spoiling.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my son got me some earrings for Christmas. I find them funny because one is pink and the other is orange and they are meant to be a set. But they are beautiful none the less and I wear them proudly.

I think it means more when he worked hard to make sure they were here for Christmas (there was apparently a lot of plans to get them here on time) and that I had something under the tree. Shows that I am doing something right with him when it is less about what he is going to get and considering someone else, and at 11 to boot.

Tee said...

One of my favorie gifts from DH was a Kuerig coffee maker!!!! Love that machine. We have one in the office and I really wanted one for home. DH got me the deluxe model and the little carosel to store the cups on the counter.

Shannon said...

My husband gave me two of his vacation days. Since we have a toddler and I am the stay at home parent, this is especially exciting for me.