Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In the Queue Wednesday

Or... maybe not in the queue. I can't decide. ;)

I just received the new issue of BurdaStyle and was struck, as is often the case, by the repetition of one or more design elements across a variety of garments. Look at the above images - all 4 have the same shoulders, 3 of them have the same square armscye, and there are (basically) only 2 sleeve styles represented.

This may be obvious to you, but I am still learning (a) how to parse garments into style elements, (b) how to mix and match style elements to create new garments, and (c) how design elements translate to flat pattern pieces - so I like how there are often repetitions of a handful of design elements across multiple patterns in a BurdaStyle issue.

Anyways, living in Florida, I rarely pay much attention to coat patterns - but I like this one. I'm not sure it'll make it into the queue, but if I DO ever decide to make a coat, this one will be a competitor. :)


Becky said...

I don't know about you, but seeing this month's Burda was kind of a relief-- after a months-long drought of decent patterns, it was good to see things I liked again!