Thursday, October 28, 2010

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to BConky, Mountain Thyme, Lady Jenn, Katherine, Heather, Shannon, CarlaF, Cindy, Faye, Elaina, Mulliga M, Karin, Mary, Summerset and Angela for talking back to my last confession! I confessed that I’ve never sewn undergarments of any kind (well, okay, pajamas) and asked about others’ experiences.

Wow – Reader’s Digest Condensed Version – sewing undergarments is popular! We only had 4 “negative” responses, and 3 of those 4 said that undergarments are definitely on their list of things to try. In fact, Mountain Thyme just bought her first pattern – good luck! :)

On the positive side, here are the number of people who reported having made each of the following types of undergarments:
Underpants – 11
Bras – 6
Lingerie – 2
Slips – 2
Corsets – 2
Swim suits – 1
Camisoles – 1
Garter belts – 1
Other vintage undergarments – 1

While we usually get both pros and cons, everyone was pretty solidly on the pro side this time. The major pros mentioned for sewing your own underpants were:
It’s easy! (4)
It’s fun! (2)
They are quick! (1)

And for bras:
They fit better – especially if you are a hard to find size in RTW! (3)

A couple of folks also mentioned how much fun it is to work with silk & lace, and to make coordinated sets. :)

In fact, the closest we got to a “negative” was the challenge of finding good quality elastic.

Special thanks to CarlaF for pointing me towards this YouTube tutorial and Sigrid’s page of relevant tutorials.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to respond! I’m feeling rather inspired and want to try to sew my own someday soon! :)


Mountain Thyme said...

Well, I just finished my first pair. Not for me but for my daughter. (I don't wear thong underwear.) Just finished it today in order to send in a package of other things. You can see them, if you wish, at

Now, on to some for me!