Thursday, October 7, 2010

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Karin, Amelia, Elaina, Stitchy Witch, Summerset, Meredith, Katherine, Mary, Mamafitz & Becky for talking back to my confession last Friday! I asked how people sew their princess seams - with or without clipping first?

So people were reasonably spread on this one.

There were 2 votes for the pure brute force method - with Becky avoiding the stay-stitch and clip approach because sometimes the stay-stitching shows and has to be removed afterwards.

We had 4 votes for clipping - although 3 of those people reported that they only resort to clipping if the curve is large - they just coax the small ones into place. Amelia pointed out that draping the fabric over your fingers as you pin a small princess curve helps the two pieces fit together more easily.

The downside of the clip method, according to Stitchy Witch, is that it makes it difficult to get a nice finish on your seams.

And Meredith had a great tip - she recommends always sewing princess seams with the convex piece on the bottom - to get the feed dogs to help with the work. I have had this feeling for ages that it worked better with one piece on the bottom than the other, but I could never remember which one - thanks, Meredith!

Finally, with regards to the stay-stitch and clip method, Mamafitz emphasized that it is stay-stitching, not basting! I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I don't know what the difference is... :(

As usual, there were additional options that I wasn't aware of - Elaina, for example, must have the magic touch because she french seams her princess curves and reports that somehow it just works for her!

And Katherine uses a technique she learned from Roberta Carr's book (pictured above) and directed me to an illustration of this technique that she posted on her blog a couple of years ago - check out this gorgeous dress!

Summerset pointed out that princess seams and darts are really just two methods to accomplish the same thing - add shaping to a garment - and that one can be converted into the other. Following up on her comment, I did a google search and found this interesting picture tutorial on how to convert a dart into a princess seam.

Thank you again to everyone who answered! You guys rock!


Angela said...

Thanks for compiling all the comments into a post! Hopefully, I will remember which piece goes on the bottom, too! :)

mamafitz said...

basting usually refers to temporarily holding pieces together, using a long stitch, and is removed after the fact. staystitching is a shorter stitch length (like you would use for seams), and isn't removed.

you staystitch a neckline to stabilize it, you baste underlining to your fashion fabric.

does that help?