Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the Queue Wednesday

I just received a new catalog from the Kansas Yarn Barn, and they have a number of beautiful weaving kits that are calling to me! Among other things, I am particularly attracted to a couple of their table runner kits.

First up is a table runner in the "log cabin" style that I used for my bathroom hand towels and rug (see this post for pictures). It's as if the weaving changes direction from length-wise to width-wise over and over again - I just love this visual effect!

My attention was also caught by this Christmas-themed table runner:

This style of weaving is called "monk's belt" - and there are many variations!

So, I'm not sure which of these table runners it's going to be, but don't worry, I'll weave one of them! It's in my queue... ;)


Christine said...

They're both beautiful! I particularly like the Christmas pattern though. It's so fun and festive!