Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(Possibly) In the Queue Wednesday

When I started weaving about a year ago, my dream was to someday sew clothes for myself with fabric that I had handwoven.

With only one more set of Christmas towels left to go, I was browsing the internet recently for new projects and came across a "kit" to weave and then sew this top:

It is made from a Bamboo fine weight yarn and comes in many different colors. I'm still waiting on some details like how big the loom has to be (mine isn't actually very big, as looms go).

The sewing itself looks pretty easy - there's not much shape to the top. But the woven lace pattern seems classy and beautiful!

What do you think? If my loom is big enough, should I give it a try?


Julia said...


AnnieB said...

What are you waiting for? This is gorgeous.

Julia said...

Go to my blog to pick up a new award!

gwensews said...

An astounding YES! Absolutely!

Sarah said...

I say go for it if it works with your body type and your wardrobe... Seems neat!