Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday "Morning" Quarterback

No pleasure endures unseasoned by variety.
-Publilius Syrus

This weekend was seasoned with the spice of life itself - variety! On the sewing front, Ana came over on Saturday to work on a patchwork purse with this pattern:

The interesting thing about the purse is that you expose all of the seams and fringe them. I'm not overly impressed with the directions, but luckily the construction is simple enough to not really need directions. She took it home with her to work on the fringe (sore finger alert!), but I'll try to have a picture for you soon. She is feeling pressure to finish it, because she bought the pattern at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Tampa last year, and she wants to finish it before this year's Expo! ;)

I also continued to weave on the "Christmas" kitchen towels. (Sigh...)

And my husband and I (and I use the words "and I" loosely) tackled a very novel project - furniture restoration. I needed a good way to store my fabric yardage reference cards - they have been stacked up on our dining room table since last September. I stumbled across a used library card catalog on Craigslist. It had been kept in a garage, and used to store hardware, so it was in pretty sad shape. All of the outside was that stuff made of sawdust held together with glue:

My husband covered it with a sturdy white laminate, corner-trim and all:

Is that cool or what? The drawers are a bit wider than necessary for my card sets, but it still makes an excellent storage cabinet for me! I am so happy with it! :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Until next time, may your needle stay sharp and your grainline run true! :)

PS - No, I did NOT make up the name following the opening quote. ;)


Zep said...

Hey Gwen,

Try cutting a 2X4 the size of the drawer to slide on the side of the drawer to make it smaller so your cards fit. ~ Just an idea :)

Enjoy your sewing moments!

Julia said...

Wow!! Great cabinet!!!

meredithp said...

That is a beautiful cabinet. Looks nice!

SunnyQ said...

Publilius! :)

The card catalog is so NEAT! What an awesome find! And great work to both of you for making it just what *you* need! :>

Looking forward to seeing Ana's bag...

ps - tell her not to worry, I still have the Jan Bones project sitting in my queue from at least two Expos ago! :-P