Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the Queue Wednesday

Here is the last of the Vogue patterns that I got on the Club BMV buy-1-get-2-free sale - Vogue 8571. At least it's a little different from the other 2 patterns I got! ;)

Although, the fitted bodice and flowy skirt seem to be a definite draw for me. :)

Have you ever been so overwhelmedly busy that the thought of signing up to do ANYTHING else - even something that normally would be wonderful - seems like too much? Well, I've just renewed my membership in that club and I'm thinking of running for president (except that that would be one more thing to do!).

But, I'm going to do it anyways... This pattern... Someday.... Maybe... It's in my queue...


SunnyQ said...

The dress is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the final product and what material you choose for it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I think it's why I have not sewed much for the last few months. Work, which I love, is an all day, every day thing. I think I need to just make time to do it.