Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning Quarterback: A Blessing Way

The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.

--Nolan Bushnell

Remember that asymetrical onesie that I was making for my pregnant friend Susan? Well, I was having trouble with my serger and I put the project aside for a while... This weekend, inspiration struck - aided in large part by the fact that her "baby shower" was on Sunday! ;)

I still had major grief from my serger. One of the needle threads kept breaking from too tight tension. I loosened the tension dial all the way, but that wasn't enough. Finally I ended up sewing very slowly and loosening the tension on that thread manually periodically.

(Sounds technical doesn't it? Translated: I pulled a little bit of extra thread through the tension disk.)

Thank goodness I was almost done with the onesie and didn't have too much left to do!

I put my label on the outside, so that it wouldn't rub up against his soft baby skin.

I had trouble sewing the snap tape neatly (even with my zipper foot - is there some secret to using this tape?) and so I used velcro for the front enclosure.

Remember that one inner snap?

And the snaps along the bottom:

Thank goodness the fabric is adorable, as that hides the less-than-perfect execution! ;)

So, Susan didn't really have a baby shower - a friend held a "Blessing Way" for her. Have you ever been to one of these? It was my first. Instead of being about showering her with baby gifts, the idea was to shower her with blessings and love and support to prepare her for the days ahead. (Everyone else gave her gifts for her - but they cut me some slack on my gift, as at least I had made it... plus, the fabric is irresistably adorable!)

Ana went with me. I got this nice picture of the 2 of them together:

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and (especially if you are in the States) managed to keep warm! :)


Christine said...

Oh man, that onesie is so cute! And Susan looks so glowy and happy! :) :) :)

julia said...

I love the onesie. It's too ba you had issues with the serger and the snap tape. It really is cute.

gwensews said...

That is a cute onesie! Very nicely done. I haven't heard of the Blessing Way. Although, mommies definitely need it! Very smart, putt the label on the outide. Even now, my 2 year old grandsons complains and pulls on tags in his clothes, exclaiming "scratchy, scratchy"!

SunnyQ said...

Everyone, don't let Gwen fool you... the Onesie is JUST RIGHT! In fact, I think I like the velcro better than snap tape for that long front closure! I can't wait to put it on him. It will definitely be his first outfit!!! :) THANK YOU GWEN!!!!