Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Project: Imperfection by Design?

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh - at yourself.

--Ethel Barrymore

Do you know the Greek myth of Arachne? She was a very skilled weaver and grew so arrogant that she challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving competition. As you can imagine, this doesn't go well for Arachne. You didn't want to annoy those Greek gods, and Arachne ended up a spider. And the lesson that some drew from this story is that no project should ever be done perfectly, but some small imperfection should always be deliberately included to avoid drawing the negative attention of the gods.

The thing I like about this story, is that it offers a good explanation for those little mistakes that always pop up in my projects! Oh, I did that on purpose... That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;)

So, now that I have properly prepared you for an update on my weaving... ;)

I had a day off this week (Veteran's Day) and put the time towards my Christmas project of weaving kitchen towels. I finished warping the 402 threads, with only one serious threading mistake that had to be fixed.

And two minor mistakes, of the type that can be excu... ooops, I mean, explained, by Arachne's story. Here's one of them - see where two sea green threads line up together, instead of alternating like they should?

The kit is supposed to make 3 towels, one each of the colors blue, white and purple. I started with the blue weft:

After I finished the blue towel, I added a few "shots" of a thick white yarn, to separate the first towel from the second.

And then I started the second towel, with white weft.

Once the loom was fully warped, the weaving itself went quickly! :)


On a completely different "note"...

Would you like to hear the most beautiful love song ever written? My husband just wrote it for me. On the right side column look for his music player and click on the song "Your Voice Singing". It's just short of 2.5 minutes long. Here are the lyrics to read along as he sings:

When there's no breeze to stir the heather,

When you can hear the falling of a feather,

When you can hear a lone grasshopper springing,

I hear the sound of your voice singing.

When hurricanes send waves a-bashing

And lightening skies send thunder crashing

Though sirens wail and bells be ringing,

I hear the sound of your voice singing.

Through all the miles I've put behind me,

Your song has never failed to find me,

And when I to my last breath be clinging,

I'll hear the sound of your voice singing.


Lori said...

Your towels are beautiful. And your hubby, wow, so sweet and kind.

Shannon said...

Wow! That song was beautiful! Major kudos to your husband - I can't even begin to imagine the horror if my hubby tried to sing me a song!

gwensews said...

Your husband is so romantic! Mine is a very good guy, but certainly no conversationalist, much less singing to me!

Your weaving looks like it would be so much fun!

Wurtulla said...

What beautiful lyrics to your love song from your lucky are you??!!

SunnyQ said...

Beautiful song! The towels look great too ;)

Zep said...

Music is a big passion of mine. I think more so than creating. A song can change your mood in an instant. I've sat and listened to his music before. He has a lot of talent. Does he do each part himself? That's fun to do if he did..laying down all the tracks. It's a beautiful song. Life is all about Love... and he does love you Gwen!
I love the towels! It's really fun watching you through the process. I've never done or watched anything like it.
Enjoy your moments filled with your husbands beautiful music!

julia said...

Your weaving is amazing! I have never tried weaving, but after seeing this post I think I would love to give it a shot. I just need to find someone with a loom who will let me use it and who will teach me how to use it. That towel is so pretty. I would never be able to dry dishes with it.