Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Confession

We have done something very, very foolish...

Yes, our household has a new member. I would like to introduce you to Oliver.

"Why?" you ask.

Funny, that is exactly what Sammy and Milly (the long-term feline residents of the house) are asking - only in a more dramatically aggrieved tone of voice - "Why?!?! What did we ever do to deserve this?!?! How could you?!?!"

What can I say? A neighbor found him in the street, abandoned, starving and flea infested. And we are suckers. And our vet has another car payment in the bank. ;)

Four days later, feeling safe in his new home, flea-less and with a full belly, he is proving to be head-strong, feisty and affectionate.

You'll be seeing him again - probably tangled up in my weaving yarn! ;)

In the meantime, how about you? Any "sucker" stories for me? :)


meredithp said...


I wouldn't call yours a sucker story. I would call it a humane cat lover story. My story is this: our remaining beloved elderly cat passed away shortly after his 19th birthday in Aug 2004. We said, of course, we'll get two kittens, but first we'll have to kitten-proof the basement, seein' as how they have little kitten death wishes and all. Elderly, low maintenance cat had grown out of that behavior somewhere around age 10.

Well, 3 months went by, we were so lonely without any pussy cats, we stopped by the animal rescue place after yoga one Saturday, just for a visit, of course. Keep in mind that my husband visited this place regularly, but I never did, for obvious reasons. Would have to bring something home after every visit! Well, by Wednesday, we had 3, count 'em 3 adult cats growling under our bed. And we're laying there thinking "what have we done?" Only then did we think, why were these cats returned to the shelter after being adopted for 5 and 2 years respectively? Crazy, going outside the box, mean?In a matter of days, they were kings and queens of the house and ready for Christmas. Their former owners were crazy and mean, apparently. Suckers, why yes, yes we were. But I still think we got the best of this bargain.

Lisa Laree said...

We took in a kitten in August...from friends who couldn't keep her after rescuing her from the church parking lot. We'd been pet-free for somewhere around 12 years. Of course, NOTHING in our house was/is kitten proof and I'm still chasing down my bobbins and such 'cause the sewing room is in such dire need of cleanup and the only place in the whole house to put the litter box is in the laundry room/sewing nook.

I'd forgotten how funny cats can be. And Youngest Daughter is totally smitten... oh, and I didn't realize spaying/declawing/necessary shots had gotten so expensive!

This cat better live 9 looooong lives!

Zep said...

Kitty's are so cute. My daughter asked me for one when she was 3. I'm a dog person so I told her she had to wait until she was 8 so she can take care of one. Well, one day a couple of years ago she was at my mom's house and found a one eyed cat on the side of her house. It was only a few weeks old. Them mother had dumped the kitty because it was deformed. Half of her face was a mess - with one eye ;) My daughter named her Lucky.
I let that cat stay in the house for a year before I made it go outside because she kept peeing on the beds. It only took a week outside before I didn't see the cat any more. She was a little crazy rolling over like a dog over and over and over again. She was a crazy cat. I never connected with her.I was a sucker to let my daughter talk me into taking the cat.
Then- or dog. When my MIL passed away 8 years ago - on one of our last visits to her in W.V. this little dog just walked in to her house. She was the kind who always took in strays. She made us take the dog home with us since she couldn't take it. My kids wanted to name the dog after my MIL but we decided on Piglet instead. Thankfully!
Enjoy your sewing moments and your Thanksgiving. I'm thankful I've found your blog and we've become friends!

Cole's Corner said...

Why? Because he's adorable!
Can't wait to see more of him.

Our two cats were found in the wild, too. My uncle nursed them back to health and I ended up with two cats instead of the one I was looking for... because I couldn't split up the brother and sister.

BTW- they're the best cats ever!

gwensews said...

I hope the other fur children adjust.

I had a beautiful, white, blue-eyed, deaf cat. I brought a black cat into the home. The white cat hated the black cat. White cat stayed on top of the refrigerator and hissed for about 3 months. Eventually, it was a happy ending.

Good luck.

Summerset said...

Awwww - what a cute kitty! All of our cats are rescues. Kiwi was a ferral kitten and she was pretty wild. Wellie, poor thing, was from the shelter, had been adopted and the new owner died. He had to be returned to the shelter, so we adopted him. Pix, was the runt of a litter from a shelter. Her mother died giving birth to the litter. Yes, we're suckers for cats.

julia said...

We have a cat that actually belongs to our daughter. When she went off to college and then got married we ended up with her. She is 18 1/2 years old. Other than the fact that she is getting very skinny, she is in good health. A couple of years ago she had a kidney infection, but that's it. Of course, she's never really been outside. She is the epitome of a "scaredy cat"! We used to have lots of cats that we kept outside but they all got run over or disappeared, so I said, "No more cats." I wasn't about to have one in my house. It was hard enough to keep it clean with a husband and three daughters. My children went to the same school where I taught. One afternoon just before time to leave my youngest daughter came to my room and asked if she could have one of "Julie's" cats. I said, "No." She asked if she could go to the office and call her dad to ask him. I said, "Sure." I knew the secretaries would not let her use the phone for such a reason and that if for some reason they did, I knew my husband would say, "No." I was wrong. They let her use the phone and after his initial "No," she cried. That was all it took. We picked the cat up that afternoon and she's been ours ever since. She loves my husband even though I'm the one who feeds her, brushes her, and changes her litter. But, he's the one who will sneak her little bites of food off his plate.

Anonymous said...

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BConky said...

I have three kitties. One is a daughters cast off. One a rescue kitty. And one I bought as a kitten from an awful breeder. He was underweight and sucked his little belly because he had been weaned to early. Now they are all healthy (maybe the boys are a little to healthy- vet suggested light cat food yesterday- didn't have the heart to admit they were already eating indoor low activity food). Your new baby is adorable and I'm sure the other kitties will get use to him soon.

Anonymous said...

I didn't want my cat. We found a free cat in the paper, and my son wanted one desperately.

I got to the ladies house and my black monster is being dragged around the house by the tail and neck by a three year old and kicked at by the husband. After seeing how he was treated I couldn't leave him.

Never regretted it, he's been a good cat.

Becky said...

My family's cat has a similar tale--my dad has some rental properties, and he was working on them one summer day between my junior and senior years of college, and found a kitten that was stuck on the roof--apparently some kids had tossed her up there. And so since it was July, the roofing tiles had burned the bottoms of her feet. So he got her down from there, and then she started following him around. I was over there helping him paint one day, and she came in to visit and was acting all sweet and loving. My mom and I finally convinced him to let us bring her home, much to our elderly cat's dismay. Of course, once she realized we weren't going to put her back on the street, that's when her schizophrenic streak came out.... She's settled down quite a bit since then, now that she's about 7 or so, but she's never really been a super-affectionate cat. Or when she has those moments, it usually ends up in a bite attempt (at least now it's usually playful!) She's a very entertaining cat, though!