Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In the Queue Wednesday

Have you noticed how the internet is organized into little clusters of inter-linked sites? For example, most of the blogs that I read link to (and read) each other. It's as if we form one little neighborhood and we all are (pretty much) familiar with our neighbors in this particular community.

But there are other pockets of sewing-related blogs and sites out there that are highly inter-connected, but don't happen to link to our neighborhood and we, for the most part, aren't linked into them.

You think you know the "internet sewing world", and then you stumble onto one of those other clusters and realize that there's another whole inter-connected sewing community that is new to you...

So, this happened to me recently, when I came across the blog entitled "The Scientific Seamstress". With my penchant for crunching and summarizing numbers, you can probably guess why this title appealed to me! ;)

Carla designs her own patterns, and the newest addition to my queue is her adult sized Easy Fit Pants pattern:

This is an elastic waist, "one seam" pants pattern (actually 2, of course - crotch and inner leg - but no outer side seam) for a comfortable, wide leg fit. Carla is known for her detailed and well-illustrated instructions, so I'm looking forward to seeing those for myself. This pattern also features an equal front and back rise - I'm curious to see how that works.

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to ANYONE that I chose bright and busy, heart-themed pink flannel for the pants, with a contrasting (yet still heart-themed) brown flannel for the cuff:

These will be pajama bottoms, just for lounging around the house. Don't worry, my husband can take all that pink cuteness - by now he is used to it! ;)

I'm not sure exactly when, but don't worry, I'll get to these... They're in the queue! :)


Cole's Corner said...

You will LOVE this pattern. I just recently bought the one for kids and it's AWESOME!!!! I have used it enough already to pay for itself over and again! Curious to see if you like it as much as me.

julia said...

I have been trying to find my extended sewing family lately. Thanks for leading me to this blog. I have been visiting lots of new ones lately and have found some awesome sewists and artists out there.

meredithp said...

I just found a very funny, snarky blog via the LBD contest at Elainmay won the contest and blogs at The Selfish Seamstress.

And I love the haikus.

BConky said...

I bought it also, but have not tried it yet. Can't wait to see if you like it.