Thursday, November 19, 2009

Talk Back Thursday

Thank you so much to Gwen, Carla, Cindy, Shannon, Tamara and Elaina for talking back last week! I asked about people's experiences with sewing for charity.

As busy as we all are, pretty much everyone has done at least a little charitable sewing. And I learned about a ton of opportunities! Here are some of the causes that were mentioned:

The 100 Skirt Project - a blogger named Charity started a project to sew 100 pairs of coordinated skirts and tops to send to an orphanage in Central America. The project is over now, but the story and pictures are heartwarming!

Project Linus - Make blankets for children in need.

Craft Hope - Make blankets, onesies, booties, cloth dolls and burp cloths for children in need all around the world.

Ronald McDonald House - Make quilts and pillowcases for families staying here and for their hospitalized children.

Compassion Pregnancy - Make onesies and blankets for newborns.

ASG Charities - Gwen mentioned that most sewing organizations regularly sponsor a cause, and I fouond this set of causes on the ASG website:

Other ideas included wheelchair caddies for veterans, bibs for nursing home residents, sewing for local homeless shelters. And Cindy pointed out that there are other ways to use our love of sewing to help others, including things like providing volunteer sewing lessons.

Lots and lots of great ideas for charitable sewing in 2010! If people want to send me more, I'll set up a section of links on my side column as a resource. Thanks again, everyone for taking the time to share your favorite causes! :)


Cole's Corner said...

Here's a great one for toys for tots and the free download for the pattern

Aminat said...

Hi Gwen, what about hat for cancer patients I have done that before with couple of friends. It will be so nice to have the list on your blog. Have a lovely day